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Alternative Investments-Are Banknotes Collections, Growing In-Trend?

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UPCOMING NEWS: MNP Auctioneers (Central) Sdn Bhd will be organizing our next series of Coins & Banknotes Auction on 2nd December 2017. The consignment has officially ended on 16th October 2017. This is the sixth auction following a successful inaugural auction since 2015. Below is an article written by Malaysia’s renown property blogger at during a recent coins & banknotes event in Petaling Jaya recently. Do read more below.

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Quoted by kopiandproperty, If you have always been looking at diversifying your investment, this is something you can think about. Every collector I met thus far started years ago and usually they would concentrate on something they really like. Some would only look at banknotes and some would only be for coins. My own preference? Banknotes, especially the older ones and still in good condition. I was here at a function room in Hilton hotel, PJ. It was full of people. The event was Trigometric’s Malaysia and World Banknotes & Coins Auction. I was registered as bidder number 259. (Refer to the image). There were over 700 lots being put up for auction. From foreign banknotes to the pre-Malaysia and Malaysian banknotes. Bidding actions were continuous and there were quite a number of bidders for certain lots bidding against one another. The floor bidders were bidding against the online bidders too. Oh yeah, registering to come in and feel the actual atmosphere and to understand that this is not something for fun is FREE.


The auction event started with foreign banknotes but the focus was stronger when it came to Malaysian banknotes. The reason is simple. The historical significance which is often the reason to buy would be stronger here. Secondly the demand is bigger too. I asked a banknote specialist of an auction house if the bidders were collectors or retailers, Mr. Raymond Wong (016-4407740) He said, “This is one business where the person must love the banknotes too, not just the money part. Else, it is hard to stay long in the journey. The journey is an easy one to start with. Just need some interest, some readings and perhaps specialisation and soon one can reap some benefits from it. Raymond has been an investor and collector for a few years and he intends to continue growing stronger. Banknote investment is something that everyone can start with. Raymond is also a consignor too. So, if you happen to have some notes that you would like him to give some professional comment, feel free to WhatsApp him @ 016 4407740 (Quoting may get you a faster reply. :P)



Rarity is one major reason coupled with the the quality of the notes. Do refer to the image for the grading of banknotes by PCGS. Full reference? Here. That piece of banknote you are currently holding in your hand may just be worth something more than its face value. One very good example. If the serial number starts with Z, these are replacement notes and they are usually worth more than its face value already. This is because they are rare. If you happen to have some notes with a solid serial number, say 1111111or 8888888, it’s time to jump for joy because it will definitely be worth much more than its face value currently. If your parents have one whole stack of notes which has the word ‘Sa Puloh’ instead of ‘Sepuluh’, it’s also worth more than keeping it inside your drawer. Well, I have lots more to learn. If you need some professional inputs, Raymond is your man. His number is above. The next Banknotes, Coins and Collectibles auction by MNP Auctioneers is on 2nd December 2017. When I have more details, will share. Else refer  here. Happy learning and loving.

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