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Straits Chinese Antique Auction : More Sneak Preview of the Featured Lots

Dear collectors, we are pleased to showcase some featured lots of our upcoming Straits Chinese Antique Auction Series 7/2020. The auction was postponed to a later date due to the movement control order (MCO) that was declared by the Malaysian Government since 18 March. While we are spending most of our time at home, we thought to bring you some interesting pieces for your sneak preview as showing is caring. The items are curated by our guest curator cum specialist collector, Mr. Glen Chee.

Rare Yellow Straits Chinese Peranakan Cylindrical Teapot
Bright enamels and imposing artwork typically from Zhou Shun Ding marked wares. Two pink ground ogival panels on each side of the yellow ground body encompassing a majestic standing phoenix on rockery, the phoenix looking left and surrounded by peony sprays. Beautiful piece for specialist collectors of Nyonyawares. 

Base Mark & Circa: Zhou Shun Ding Zhao 1912s to 1920s
Overall Condition: No hairlines and chips detected. Enamel flakes on the rim opening.
Lid and Body: Matching lid
Dimension: Height: 5 inches
Provenance: From a Melaka Family

Straits Chinese Peranakan Powder Container 
Powder aka Bedak container in stunning mustard green and peony motifs. Outer rim cover decorated with Buddhist symbols on turquoise ground. A highly desirable and collectible item.

Base Mark & Circa: Unmarked 1890s to 1920s
Overall Condition: Very good and commensurate with age.
Lid and Body: Matching cover
Dimension: Width: 3 inches Height: 1.9 inches

Rare Large Straits Chinese Coral Red Kamcheng
Coral red wares are categorised as the second rarest colour among the Nyonyaware repertoire. Coral Red Kamchengs are very rare and highly sought after by connoisseur collectors. The featured coral red kamcheng displays fine artwork, painted in bright apricot red on the main body and key frets lacing the border of the cover.  The kamcheng sporting four large ogival panels (2 on cover and 2 on body) reserved on an opaque white enamelled ground and each ogival is decorated with human figurines. The entire main body and cover is decorated with the four seasons flowers and insects. Another unusual feature is that differs it from other usual kamchengs is the oversized gold gilded crouching Buddhist Lion on the centre of the cover. Both brass handles intact on each side of the kamcheng. Power Kamcheng for a connoisseur bidder! Base and interior covered in turquoise glaze. The coral red enamels are evenly placed an indication of Tongzhi period, the standard of skill for firing red enamels significantly decreased after the Tongzhi period.

Base Mark & Circa: Unmarked Probably Tongzhi period 1861 to 1875
Overall Condition: Very good and commensurate with age. Some glaze loss due to utilitarian use
Lid and Body: Matching cover
Dimension: Width: 10 inches Height: 12 inches

Hope that you are enjoying the sneak preview of these pieces. After all, we wish to cheer you up with this showcase and make life more fulfilling while staying at home. We hope to finalize the auction date as soon as possible and we will keep you posted. Please feel free to share your thought with us.

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