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Teamwork & Network, Key Asset Investment Growth for MNP Group

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CEO Message

Can great teamwork diversity bring us more wealth? As a CEO of a young but vibrant company, I truly believe it is possible. With two offices in Penang and KL, my small but very productive &  diversified team (from SPM school leavers, all the way to Master degree holders) have continued to make up for the shortage in quantity with their dedication and commitment in their work. Actually this is the same even when we think of investment in the world today.

We must have the right network of knowing good people. Please just call
my team-mates whether in KL or Penang and they are ready to assist. Not
all of them are experts and able to answer all your questions
immediately but rest assured, they will respond by asking our in-house
experts and partners. You could even write to me directly.

We should understand the different types of investments available For
example, do you know if that piece of old in age but new in outlook
piece of Straits Chinese (Baba & Nyonya) plate or bowl is worth a lot of
money? You could sell it directly which would usually favour the buyer
or we (you and MNP) could have it auctioned off to the highest bidder.
This is just one potential investment diversification route.

Auction SCAA II, Lot 94 –  RM4,800 starting price, sold to the highest bidder at RM8,000

As investors, we must have access and knowledge to potential
opportunities. MNP Auctioneers have been doing asset auctions for many
years, not just property. From banknotes to coins, from Straits Chinese
antiques to China Chinese antiques and even paintings, we have done it
all, successfully. I encourage you to find out more @

We would love to be a team to you in your pursuit towards asset
investment. All the best.

Stephen Soon,

Chief Exucutive Officer & Managing Director of  MNP Group


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