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Results – Straits Chinese Antique Auction Series SCAA 3/2018

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3rd July 2018 – For the 3rd time running MNP has again concluded yet another series of a successful Straits Chinese Antique Auction. This time however, it was a more nostalgic moment for our guest, visitors and even for ourselves. It was our first ever antique auction event in our national city of Kuala Lumpur and it was the 1st time ever, an antique auction was held in the historical and iconic landmark of Carcosa Seri Negara, Merdeka Room (the exact room where the Malaysian Declaration of Independence was signed by Tuanku Abdul Rahman in 1957). We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to be able to use that Iconic landmark with the support and help from Asian Heritage Museum Sdn Bhd (management and social tenant of the venue).

As soon as the doors to Carcosa was open to the public as soon as 9.30am, we were joined by an overwhelming 50 over enthusiastic bidders and guest. The auction started on time at 10.30am where the bidding became more at lot 12, which started at RM700, and sold to the highest bid of RM1,500. It was indeed a priced item as this rare peranakan embroidered belt-purse, was at that time similar to what we call the Hermes of the past.

 Lot 12 Rare Peranakan Embroidered Belt-Purse RM1,500

Moving on, bidding intensified as we had numerous bidders all wanting to own lot 16. What started at RM2,000 for 2 pieces of framed  beaded wall plague, was finally sold to the highest bid of  RM9,000. When asked, the auctioneer even mentioned that a similar piece was sighted at the Singapore Peranakan Museum on his visit there. I’m sure the lucky bidder had now been lucky to own a piece of history.

 Lot 16  A Set of Rare Peranakan Beaded Two-Slot Wall Plaque (Framed) RM9,000

Bidders were also seen excitedly bidding for pieces with their distinctive maker’s mark as well as rare colored porcelain such as spoons, plates, bowls and teacups.

 Lot 25 Premium Set of Famille Rose Spoons RM4,000

 Lot 26 Rare Powder Blue Famille Rose Phoenix Plates RM7,000

 Lot 31 Rare Green Base Phoenix Famille Rose Cups RM4,300

 Lot 41 Rare Large Celadon Glazed Famille Rose Plate RM 4,000

 Lot 27  White Base Phoenix Famille Rose Plates with maker’s marks (4pcs) RM3,400

 Lot 28  White Base Phoenix Famille Rose Plates with maker’s marks (5pcs) RM2.500

Two teapots in excellent condition lot 88 & 89  that we displayed for the previews, were also grabbed up by the bidders for RM6,500 and RM13,000 respectively.

 Lot 88 Rare Lime Green Phoenix Teapot

 Lot 89 Rare Turquoise Blue Phoenix Teapot

Of course we save the best for last. That being said, the value and bidding prices were starting to break records. Those bidders which were there eyeing on some of the more valuable items, were now competing enthusiastically and bids kept coming in. The Kam Cheng’s in lot 91 & 99 was joined highest sold lots for an outstanding RM28,000 each. Followed by Lot 60 for RM24,000 at second highest.

 Lot 99 Rare Brown Ground Famille Rose Peony Kamcheng

 Lot 91 Penang Green Famille Rose Peony Kamcheng

Another rare pink Kam Cheng Lot 98 was sold at 3rd highest at RM23,000 and a straits Chinese bowl lot 70, was placed 4th highest and was sold for RM22,000.

 Lot 98 Rare Pink Base Famille Rose Kamcheng

 Lot 70 A Big Chinese Famille-Rose “Daya Zhai” Porcelain Bowl

At the end of the day, it was once again another successful auction for MNP Auctioneers raking in hundreds of thousands in sales revenue and helping many of our trusted consignors in selling of their precious treasures and heirloom’s to the highest bids. MNP Auctioneers (Central) Sdn Bhd welcomes everyone that may have or may know others who have pieces such as this, to contact us at our hotlines at 0174006661 (Penang) and 0174076661 (Kuala Lumpur).

We would like to thank everyone from partners, to our consignors and especially to our loyal and faithful bidders for making this auction yet another successful one for us. For more information visit MNP Auctioneers (Central) Sdn Bhd  and we hope to see you again in the next one. In the mean time, take a look at all the items and their winning bids at

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