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Results of The 7th Auction Of Malaysian Commemorative Currency and Banknotes with Special Serial Numbers

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In the recent Seventh Malaysian Banknotes with Special Serial Numbers
auction, many exciting biddings happened. In fact there were a total of
214 registered online and floor bidders including those from China, Hong
Kong, Singapore and Indonesia.

First up was the bidding for the single RM60 banknote. The first piece
with a serial number of MRR0000022 was won by a bid of RM8,000. The
highest bid was for the piece with the serial number of MRR0060000 with
a winning bid of RM50,000. This is the very last piece in the whole
series of single RM60 banknotes. Perhaps this is what they say, save the
best for last.

This was then followed by the two RM60 uncut pieces. The indicative
price for one piece was RM500. The winning bids were RM22,000 and
RM27,000 respectively.

This was then followed by another exciting bidding for the rare and
large-sized RM600 commemorative banknotes measuring 370mm x 220mm. We
believe this is the largest legal tender in the world. Only a total of
6,000 pieces were printed. The indicative price for this piece of note
is RM1,700 but there were even first bidding calls of RM10,000 for them
during the auction.

At the end of the day, from the 31 pieces of RM600 banknotes being
auctioned, the piece with a serial number of MRR00000088 was won by a
bidder with a bid of RM78,000. Out of a total of 31 pieces, only a few
pieces did not go past RM20,000 / piece. The lowest winning bid was
RM14,000 for RM600 with serial number of MRR0000321.

After the RM600 coins came the gold coins which were previously issued
by Bank Negara in conjunction with the 60th anniversary of the signing
of the Federation of Malaya Independence Agreement and the installation
of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Muhammad V, respectively. It’s made
of gold with 999.9 purity and weighing 7.96g with a face value of RM300,
the proof coins were auctioned off at an indicative price of RM4,000. In
the end a total of 76 pieces were sold.

The auction ended with the highlight of the day; the Malaysian banknotes
with special serial numbers. The highest bid came in for one piece of
RM100 note with serial number of BB8888888 at RM76,000. The total amount
of the items auctioned off for the day was RM2,398,488.

The auction was conducted by Bank Negara’s appointed auctioneer, MNP
Auctioneers (Central) Sdn Bhd  in the central bank’s Sasana Kijang
complex. We will see you again in the next one. In the mean time, take a
look at all the items and their winning bids at

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