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Rare Large-Size RM600 Commemorative Banknotes To Be Auctioned Off Soon

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The recent issuance of Commemorative Banknotes in conjunction with the 60th Anniversary of the Signing of the Federation of Malaya Independence Agreement has created a big wave among the local numismatic industry with its super rare RM600 big-size design. The result of the balloting was unveiled on 27 January and we have seen many collectors are overwhelmed with their “winning prizes”! Not the RM60 single note, not the RM60 3-in-1 uncut note but the RM600-Denomination big commemorative banknotes that have became the super star! The mintage of this banknote is 6,000 but not all are for public sale, so it is quite limited.






Just two days after the sale, the Malaysia’s Chinese daily, Nanyang Shang Pau has reported that the RM600 note is speculated up to RM6,888 within 72 hours, 10 times the face value. Whether the amount is true or not, we have witnessed several requests from facebook with offer to buy from any owner with no less than RM3,000 per piece. And we are just talking about those RM600 banknotes with normal serial numbers. What if the serial numbers are special? It is still too early to speculate but given the numbers of auction being conducted by Bank Negara Malaysia, we have reasons to believe that the special serial numbers of this kind will be the absolute jewels in town.

Thinking to invest into this rare collectible? Or vying to own a piece of this limited edition banknote? Stay tune with Bank Negara Malaysia’s Seventh Auction of Malaysian Banknotes brought to you exclusively by BNM’s Appointed Actionner,  MNP Auctioneer’s Central Sdn Bhd.

Keep your calendar’s free on 10th March 2018 as the upcoming auction is just around the corner.

Those interested may register to bid ealier by emailing your name, email and identification to  or call 017-4006661 (Whatsapp) for more information.

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