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MNP Wishes All, A Very Happy & Delightful Deepavali 2018

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“The Making of Deepavali Greeting Video

HAPPY DEEPAVALI! It is the first time that MNP team produced a team
video to cheer a festive season, it was not perfect that but it all
started with a simple courage called “passion”. Our operation
manager, Yee Ching proposed the idea during our operation meeting held
early October. The Team were then in discussion about what message in
the video that we want to convey to Malaysians.

Malaysia’s treasured culture is multiracial society, in MNP, our
team members are multiracial too. It was then decided that we should
carry the team preparation of Deepavali decoration in both our Kuala
Lumpur and Penang offices. Every people in MNP is our asset therefore
we wanted them to be featured in this greeting video. Some of them took
the trouble to buy if not borrowed the Indian traditional costume, hence
they did so with great team spirit. The video was directed by Yee Ching,
the actors and actresses were briefed on their roles and had shown high
level of cooperation, although most of them are media-shy.

The effort was so much worth paid for as we received tremendous
response from the general public, many were touch on our very original
DIY greeting video that was produced entirely our own. We hope our
customers, partners and associates are happy with our effort. We hope
you enjoy the video.

Please click to enjoy the full video HERE


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