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Busy But Productive.. Whats Upcoming…

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CEO Message

Dear friends,

September was a super busy month for us. Even more so, it had one of the most public holidays and effectively lesser working days, nevertheless it was a was an exciting month indeed. One of the highlights for us was the Penang International Luxury Collection Week 2018. We received tremendous enquiries about our auction items, especially the Straits Chinese and Peranakan Nyonya Antique. However, we also came to realize, that there is still huge potential interest of general public awareness, on the knowledge and guidance toward collecting antique. This has become MNP’s next mission – to bring antique collection closer to your daily life, and becoming apart of valuable collectibles and investment.

As such we have started the first wave, to organize an antique collection and investment talk recently, in collaboration with our technical consultant Wang Hou Antique & Heritage Association on 6th and 7th of October, in Kuala Lumpur. The talk was very well received by the participants, as to them, it was years of shared knowledge and experience being offered for their own experience.

The next wave would be a full day seminar on 3rd and 4th of November 2018, where we have invited a renown China 400-year-old Jingdezhen Cui Kiln Master, as the principal speaker. Newbies and passionate collectors are encouraged to sign up for this significant seminar that will largely improve your knowledge of antique collections.

We hope to increase the satisfaction of our valuable customers, as we are happier when you are happy with your collection sourced through MNP. We are always ready to serve.

Stephen Soon,

Chief Exucutive Officer & Managing Director of  MNP Group

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