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Auctioning With Pride featured in EZ Malaysia

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MNP Auctioneers (Central) Sdn Bhd is once again proud to have our managing director and CEO, Mr. Stephen Soon featured by the media. Here’s the article published in EZ Malaysia Vol 50-18.


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Auctioning With Pride

For all of us there’s a first time for everything and usually, this first time us an experience that we will never forget.

For Stephen Soon, it wa his first time in becoming the youngest auctioning company owner, when he started MNP Auctioneers in 2004.

Soon, foresaw where his career path would lead him to when he was inspired by his father’s good friend who presented him with a unique England-made wooden hammer that he used for several years as an auctioneer.

“His name was Mohd. Hussain Ibrahim and I am forever grateful to him as he encouraged me to pursue this profession. He became my mentor and guided me through the process to obtain my license, and it’sled to where I am now in MNP” recalled Soon who comes from a background in IT, banking and real estate.

MNP Operates as a one-stop solution for all auction-related services such as pre-sales to marketing which works to promote the sale and disposal of movable and immovable assets by competitive bidding.

“My life revolves around real estate as my investments in properties and auction events have always about properties for many years.” said Soon a graduate of Victoria University in the Bachelor of Business in Commercial Law.

The hammer that Mohd. Hussain gave to him represented many other things: honour and truth.

“An auctioneer is a sacred profession and practices the highest standard of professionalism through conducting an open, fair and transparent bidding process,” explained Soon, who’s also held the position of Chairman of the Penang Auctioneers Association for nine years.

Since he started the business almost 15 years ago, it was named as the top 50 Enterprise Malaysia Gold Award winner in 2011, National Mark of Malaysia Brand Award Winner (by SMECorp & SIRIM) in 2015 and received the award from Standard Chartered Bank Panel of Auctioneers 2009-2015, to name a few.

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