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100% Success Rate Conducted by Dual-Bidding Platform for A Property Auction

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PRESS RELEASE: Effective Dual-Bidding Platform that Witnessed 100% Success Rate


29th January 2018, MNP Auctioneers has shown remarkable achievements today by selling 9 out of 9 properties from its unprecedented single auction event that crossed between KUALA LUMPUR and PENANG instantly! How was it possible? The auction was carried out on-site in Kuala Lumpur (KL) by an auctioneer while 8 bidders enjoyed the convenience of having to bid online remotely in Penang toward the specific auction event. Dual-bidding is defined as an auction platform that is capable of receiving on-site (specific venue) and online bidding concurrently. This event was powered by, a dual-bidding platform that is endorsed by Bank Negara Malaysia’s auction of Malaysian Banknotes with special serial numbers.


In the auction carried out by MNP Auctioneers on behalf of Pengurusan Danaharta Nasional Berhad on 29 Jan 2018 in its Kuala Lumpur City Centre office, Megan Avenue 2, a specially arranged online bidding session was running concurrently in the Starbucks, Karpal Singh Drive, PENANG. Bidders who wish to bid but find it hard to travel the 365km long distance to Kuala Lumpur had visited Starbucks in order to bid for their property online, alongside MNP’s friendly guidance by the company’s personnel and sales officers whilst enjoying a cup of complimentary coffee.


It was even more interesting when the guests in KL visited the on-site auction in KL and saw for themselves the online bidding situation in Penang through real time internet live streaming. The same was happening in Penang. With this interesting arrangement, all stakeholders will be very much confident to engage in this dual-bidding platform, more so when there is quality bidding through accessibility and upheld transparency.


With an advanced registration, bidders in Penang were given individual login IDs and passwords to bid at their registered properties using only their smart phones, whereas the on-site auction commenced in Kuala Lumpur all in Real Time. Out of the 9 properties listed for auction, 8 were sold online to the Penang Online Bidders and 1 was sold to a walk in bidder to the on-site auction venue, in Kuala Lumpur.


Generally, online bidding of property, is fast gaining popularity. This is because bidding of property from on-site auction is still very traditional and far from gaining high nationwide publicity, especially when the traditional way of buying a property directly by meeting  the owner and developer, is still the normal way of business in Malaysia.

The way forward however is through education and user-friendly guidance to improve the confidence and common understanding of the public towards online bidding of property which can also be witness on-site. As the pioneer, MNP Auctioneers aims to make dual-bidding a popular and revolutionary method of asset auctioning in Malaysia. It is the way to enhance competitive bidding and optimize asset marketplace nationwide.


View the 100% successful results HERE or go to  (www. for more information.


KL on-site auction’s live streaming of online bidding in Penang


Penang online bidding at Starbucks showing bidding presentation screen and the live streaming of on-site auction in KL


On-site auction in MNP KL Office, B-12-12, Megan Avenue II, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng


Bidders enjoying online bidding in Penang with a cup of Starbucks coffee

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